Experience and Knowledge for Your Military Case

Military law throughout The United States

R.V. Terry Funk has a strong background in the military. He has worked in the Marine Corps. since he was a young adult. He served in Vietnam and at Parris Island. He was selected for SSgt (E-6) under four years of active duty. R.V. Terry Funk retired as LtCol. He is a former Marine Corps JAG officer.

The list of his qualifications and experience could fill an entire biography.

As a former military member, R.V. Terry Funk knows first-hand what could be involved in your military law case. There are a variety of different types of cases that fall under military law, and throughout the years, Mr. Funk has become fluent with the ins and outs of all of them.

Whether you are facing a dilemma with your spouse or other legal issues including investigations, Article 32's, nonjudical issues or courts martials, R.V. Terry Funk can be there to help.

You’ve faced plenty of challenges already as a service member – you shouldn’t have to be alone when you face the legal system. With decades of both military and legal experience by your side, you won’t have to fight this battle alone.

If you are searching for a lawyer with experience in military law throughout the United States, get in touch with R.V. Terry Funk today.