Get Back on the Road With Attorney R.V. Funk

Need a DUI lawyer in Tulsa, OK? We’re here for you-Former Marine Corps JAG Officer:

Have you been accused of drunk driving? Police forces nationwide are cracking down on DUI offenders. That means that people just like you are getting charged with DUIs every day.

The courts are overwhelmed with cases like yours—and sometimes, mistakes are made. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, there’s still hope. Call the law office of Attorney R.V. Funk for a free consultation on your DUI case.

Don’t let that DUI keep you from living your life

If you’re like many Americans, you rely on your car to take you to work, to transport the kids to and from school, to run errands and more. Don’t let a DUI interfere with your necessary daily routine. DUI offenders could also face:

• Huge fines
• License suspensions
• A soiled record

Don’t go into your DUI case alone. Call Attorney R.V. Funk for a free consultation on your case.