Find an Auto Accident Attorney in Tulsa, OK

Find an Auto Accident Attorney in Tulsa, OK

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Car accidents happen across Tulsa, OK every day. Over the years the most common causes of car accidents have changed dramatically. We now live in a world where multi-tasking is part of our everyday life. Multi-tasking is a good skill to have, however, there are a few situations where multi-tasking can cause more harm than good. One of these places is behind the wheel. Multi-tasking while behind the wheel is commonly known as distracted driving.

Common examples of distracted driving include:

•Talking on the phone
•Putting on makeup
•Adjusting the music

If you've been in a car accident due to distracted driving then you need an experienced auto accident attorney. You'll find that when you hire the Attorney R.V. Terry Funk. Attorney R.V. Terry Funk is an auto accident attorney in Tulsa, OK with more than 28 years of legal experience. He can help you get compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages and car repairs.

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