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If you are facing a legal issue in the military then you want to ensure that you have the right military lawyer on your side. The military law process varies from the civilian court process. It is important that you have a qualified military lawyer on your side from the beginning. Below you will find information about Article 32s’s. This is an important investigation that occurs in the beginning of your legal process.

The Fifth Amendment states that citizens can’t be subjected to criminal prosecution and punishment without due process. This right to a grand jury indictment is inapplicable to the American Armed Forces; the United States Military has Article 32s. The Article 32 code states that a thorough and impartial investigation of the charges must occur before the case can be taken to the general court martial.

The purpose of an Article 32 is to conduct a pretrial investigation to learn more about the case, decide how the case should be charged, and how the case should be resolved.

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