R.V. Terry Funk

Marine Corps Mustang and JAG

R.V. Terry Funk took a break from college to join the Marine Corps around the time of the Vietnam War. He was deployed to Vietnam where he had the opportunity to work his way up the ranks. He joined a program that allowed him to become an officer and go back to college to obtain his degree. After college, he enrolled in law school to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer. During this time period, he went back on active duty and was promoted to Chief Defense Counsel where he managed that department and successfully defended numerous drill instructors and other marines. While he was in this position, he worked in military courts across the United States. His focus during this time period was criminal law. On average, defense wins about 2% of ligated cases. R.V. Terry Funk averaged a 95% success rate.

Over the years, R.V. Terry Funk has practiced law in California, Oklahoma, numerous other states, and military courts across the United States. Throughout his life, he has continued to stay active in the military serving our country. He also has taught business law and continuing legal education for attorneys.

With all of this experience R.V. Terry Funk is the lawyer for you. His 28 years in the Marine Corps taught him about hard work, loyalty and dedication. His years in the service have had a direct impact on his success as a lawyer. He has a very high success rate and enjoys a challenge. In one particular case as Chief Defense Counsel his client had 154 charges, his two co-counsels clients had 130 charges and 116 charges; all in one case. After successfully litigating there, were only 19 charges remaining and only one marine served any time and that was for only three months.


• Former Marine Corps JAG: Chief Defense Counsel, Defense Counsel, Trial Counsel (prosecutor)
• Criminal defense for over 35 years including Courts-Martial trials on both coasts and in mid-America. Chief defense counsel at MCRD San Diego for over two years. Numerous jury trials. Prosecution experience included.
• Defended in General, Special and Summary Courts-martials.
• Represented in Article 32 Hearings, Administrative Hearings, Medical Boards and non-judicial hearings.
• Certified for practice before the Supreme Court of the United States; as well as, 10th and 8th Circuit Courts of Appeals and COMA.
• Passed California and Oklahoma bar exams, member of various legal associations and bar associations.
• Practice before Federal District and state district courts.
• Civil practice includes litigation in state, local and federal courts. Cases include serious personal injuries, death, property and contract matters, employment law, negligence, bad faith insurance matters, torts, medical malpractice, plaintiff and defendant representation. Six and half million dollar medical malpractice case.
• Taught law and “negotiations” at college, presented CLE’s, continuing legal education, instructed and lectured on various legal matters.
• Taught law and “negotiations” at college, presented CLE’s, continuing legal education, instructed and lectured on various legal matters.
• Marine Corps Officer service includes aviation, intelligence & Judge Advocate General Representation.
• Handled Complex Litigation Against the Government, International corporations hospitals and large businesses
• Civil Litigation Defense of businesses, non-profit corporations as well as individuals