Criminal Law

R.V. Terry Funk has successfully kept a number of his clients from facing jail time. He can assist with both misdemeanor and felony defense in Tulsa, OK - contact him today to discuss your situation.

Military Law

There are plenty of subcategories and specifics when it comes to military law cases. Get in touch with Mr. Funk to discuss the specifics of yours.

Personal Injury

You've already been physically injured due to someone else's negligence. You shouldn't take a hit to your wallet as well. Get the compensation you deserve for your Tulsa personal injury case with R.V. Terry Funk by your side.

Small Business and Non Profit

Whether it's behind-the-scenes legal counsel or legal defense in the courtroom, R.V. Terry Funk provides a range of small business and non-profit services. Get in touch with him today to discuss your situation.

Defended Our Country, Now Defending Your Rights

Call R.V. Terry Funk for your case today

R.V. Terry Funk has seen it all. He served 28 years in the Marine Corps. He served 17 years as a Marine Corps JAG Officer. He has been working for 40 years an attorney at law. Now, he is ready to serve you with whatever legal services you need.

Mr. Funk is experienced with criminal, personal injury and military law in Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas. He is also fluent with small business and non-profit cases. He can provide you with legal counsel and defense for your specific case. Whether you are facing a DUI charge or need assistance in a wrongful death case in Tulsa, R.V. Terry Funk is ready to help.

Providing legal assistance for different laws

R.V. Terry Funk can provide you with legal assistance in each of the following areas of law, and their respective subareas:

• Criminal law: DUI, DWI, misdemeanors, felonies (incl. murder, assault)
• Personal injury: auto accidents, wrongful death
• Small business and non-profit: counsel, civil defense
• Military law: Court Martial, Article 32's, administrative hearings, USERRA, SCRA

Whether you need an auto accident attorney or a criminal defense attorney in Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas, R.V. Terry Funk is determined to provide you with the best legal services you can find.

You can trust a Marine Corps JAG officer

Patience, dedication, passion - all of these qualities and more are present in R.V. Terry Funk. After nearly 30 years with the Marine Corps, you can be sure that Mr. Funk applies those same steadfast qualities when working on your case.

R.V. Terry Funk wants to provide you with the best legal representation and/or counseling you need for your criminal or civil-related matter. Get in touch with our Tulsa lawyer today at (918)637-8132 .

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